About us

Since 1870 four generations have committed to working our vineyards and creating our wines using the method of carbonic maceration. For more than a century transferred from parents to children with passion, dedication and a lot of work, the love for our vineyards and artistic origins shine through our wines.


Artisanal work begins in the vineyard our family take care of each vineyard in a unique and personal way, as each wine needs to be cared for as if it were a child.

Every year we look for excellence in each of our vineyards, and as we say here, after months looking at the sky we then collect the grapes. We strive for wines of excellent quality without sacrificing our history, tradition and passion.

Our vineyards

Our vineyards are located in San Vicente De La Sonsierra, in the foothills of the sierra de cantabria, this zone has a perfect microclimateall year round. Cold winters and hot summers with great thermal contrasts between day and night, thanks to the north wind that contributes to the quality and the harvests.

These old vineyards with clay and limestone origin are perfect because of the poor quality soil. They have low production and are small sized but very high quality grapes.

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